Chen Zhong

Chen Zhong, Founder & Partner

Zhong is an expert of M&A. In his 18 years work at Clyde Blowers Capital (CBC), Zhong has been serving in the position of country representative, managing director, director of strategy, investment and business development. Chen Zhong and his consultant partners from Clyde Blowers Capital have involved in many M&A cases and cross-border business development in China, such as Clyde Union Pump’s establishment and its exit.

At the same time in CBC, Zhong also was the architect and key implementer of Clyde’s strategies in China, which led to the establishment and success of 10 JVs and WOFEs.

Since founding TuneLine Group in 2012, Zhong is in the process of setting up several investment funds on cross-border technology platforms, as well as, M&A and fund raising advisory. TuneLine has established five business units including Food, Healthcare, Railway, Environment & Energy, and Technology/Equipment Import & Export to support the investment activities.



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