Cross-border Investment

China is the second largest destination country of foreign direct investments (FDI) and an emerging powerhouse of outbound investments. You may have invested or plan to invest in China or sell your invested companies to a buyer from China.

Given the efforts and success in reforming and opening up in China and the foreign exposures of Chinese business, foreign companies still find it a challenge to fully comprehend the special features of China, such as the national planning, state owned enterprise (SoE) dominance, the interaction between central and local governments, and the implications of such to the economy and their business. The resulted unique patterns of market development and competition behaviors in China are sometime out of the fumble of foreign investors.

Aligning your strategies and business models with the environment in China separates success or failure. Connecting your investments in other countries with China makes you cases stronger.

TuneLine provides financing and M&A advisory to the clients on buy and sell side and also make investments mainly as a strategic investor.

TuneLine BUs provide insights to its M&A clients and assist invested companies to develop in China, a synergy of TuneLine Portfolio.

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