TuneLine is a rapidly growing consulting and business development firm for cross-border trading and investments. TuneLine was founded and operated by professionals who have solid tracks of success in establishing and operating European and American companies in China. Levering on our long time experience and broad connections, we are ideally positioned to be a business incubating and launching platform.

We advise Clients in businesses we have experience and strong faith in their success. Our long time experience in industries we serve and the networks we have built up in these industries allow us not only to tell what it was yesterday and is today, but also to foresee what it shall be in the future. Our services do not end when our advices are delivered. Or, providing advices is the start-point of our services.

We opt to do together with our clients what we have told to assuring the success of implementation. Participating in the business of our clients to share their success makes defines TuneLine is a result-driver, rather than a mere advice-provider. To better serve our clients, TuneLine has two arms of operations, advisory and execution with investment if needed. When we are convinced by our clients, the advisory team develops the strategies and plans the execution, and the execution team gets it done together with our clients.

TuneLine tunes strategies for our Clients in line with the markets, and turns the strategies into realities.

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